Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest: artistic expression or addiction?

I discovered Pinterest sometime last year and found myself fascinated by the collection of images housed there. I desperately wanted to be a part of it, but you had to be "invited," and, in spite of repeated requests, no invitation was forthcoming. Then, on the first day of February (a Wednesday), I stopped by for a look-see (and, to place another request) and, lo, and behold! I discovered I could log in through my facebook ID. Joy of joys!


Ask me what I did on the second and third days of February. Did I work? (Not unless I had to.) Did I write? (Tag lines and descriptions, maybe.) Was I productive in any meaningful way?

Nope. I was just pinning away over there on Pinterest! For three solid days. Whatsa matta with me?

The second week of February I promised myself I would reduce the time I spent there. I had created some "boards" of my own and pinned things I liked and I could go on it for a little while, add a few things to my boards and be off. Yeah. Right.

I was busy with real work most of the time that second week of February, so there wasn't a lot of time to peruse images and add them to my collections. Until Friday morning (2/10) when I discovered I could "pin" on my brand new Android phone I received for my birthday a few days earlier! OMG! I could pin while having coffee, waiting at the vet's office, waiting on hubby to pump gas. I was really in trouble now!

There's no "app" for Android phones. Yet. There IS one for the iPhone. So, fine. I can pin without an app! Ha! Take that, iPeople!

Last week I was out and about doing what my boss pays me to do -- teaching elementary school kids about living in the Everglades. I managed to stay off Pinterest until late in the day when I only had a few minutes left in the day, limiting the time I was visiting. I also persuaded myself that I didn't NEED to be doing it so much. I liked Facebook, but I wasn't on it all the time. I use Twitter to share information. And, Google is a lot of fun even when you're looking up something related to work. But, this Pinterest thing is insidious. It steals your time in ways I've never experienced before and, honestly ... it bothers me.

I don't consider myself an addictive personality. I like what I like, and I've long lived with the motto "everything in moderation." But, Pinterest? I like it. A lot. I like doing it. I like looking at my "boards" and reviewing my collections. And, I have "followers!" But, I haven't figured out how to use it in moderations.

Followers on a blog are different from followers on Pinterest. It's, like, I know the people I follow over there. We have similar interests, similar styles, similar passions. And, I'm sure if I ever met any of the people I follow or that follow me ... why, I'm quite sure we would be great friends with many things to talk about.

So, I came over here to my blog and I'm actually WRITING! I've learned that if I write about a thing, often times, the solution will present itself as I'm writing.

Only, it hasn't happened yet. And, I find I'm hurrying up so I can go back over there and pin some more. Oh, dear. What's a girl to do?

I've got 20 minutes left at my desk.
I could catch up on filing.
I could update my calendar.
I could ...

GO PIN! ~~~~~

Where'd she go?