Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Week Without My Cell Phone ...

I attempted to "update" my cell phone one week ago today. And, not only did the update fail, but it screwed up the software on my Samsung Galaxy SII which I absolutely love and didn't think I could live without.
Danbo looks forlorn. He loves taking pictures and posting them to Facebook.

When I called T-Mobile they tried to help. After about half an hour back and forth, they told me to call Samsung.

I called Samsung and spent two hours on the phone with a technical support person, to no avail. That Galaxy SII simply did not want to work.

Samsung said go to the T-Mobile store, so I took it straight away and the very helpful staff tried to reformat or erase or whatever it is they do to the phone to make it work again, but, no. It wasn't meant to be. They couldn't do it.

Finally, after another 30 minutes of waiting and holding, Samsung provided details on how to ship the phone to their Repair Center in Plano, Texas. My! Oh, my! You cannot send the battery or SIM card or back cover. It has to be wrapped and padded and shipped in a heavy duty shipping box and the "Ticket Number" has to be written on three sides of the box or it will be returned.
Danbo is very good with the scotch tape.

So, Danbo helped me and we wrapped that little machine up and sent it on its way!

Danbo really liked his task of putting the popcorns in the box to protect
the phone. He did a really good job!

Danbo checked to make sure everything was labeled correctly.

So, here we are, one week later, and I just received an e-mail from Samsung that the phone has been repaired and shipped out today. Since tomorrow is Friday, I am realistic enough to know I probably won't receive it until Monday, so another weekend without my phone is planned for me and Danbo. (Sad Face)

Danbo asked me what I missed. Besides shooting photos of him and posting them online, that is.

Well ...

All those long traffic lights when you are stopped in your car with nothing to do for two and a half minutes are wonderful opportunities to play a round of Words With Friends or post a comment or photo to Facebook.

Checking in places! I haven't been able to check in anywhere! Not Jazzercise. Not a restaurant. Not the government center. Not the art gallery. Nothing. I am probably no longer Mayor anywhere on FourSquare.

My365 was my daily picture fix. Gone. Don't know how I'll ever get it back.

Pinterest. A favorite pass time whenever I have to wait anywhere.




Flickr. No uploading photos or looking through other folks photos. Bah! Humbug!

Then, yesterday I went to pick up my granddaughter. I called before I left the office and told her I should be there by 5 PM. Traffic on I-95 is an unpredictable variable in making that statement, but I was lucky enough to arrive ten minutes early. BUT!! I couldn't call her and tell her, "I'm here."  Noooooooo. I had to sit and wait until she came out of the building where she works. NOW, THAT was frustrating.

I know we lived without cell phones BEFORE. Then, when they became "hand held devices" capable of many magical feats, we became even more dependent on them. If I've learned anything this past week, it's that I can live without my cell phone, but oh, my, goodness, what a challenge it is. AND. Thank heaven for OnStar!