Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Pleasure of My Digital Photo Albums

Malibu, Californa ~ November 2013
I love Flickr. I've been a Flickr user since 2007 and I am convinced it's the best photo sharing source on the web. And, Yeah! I pay the fee for a "professional" account that allows for unlimited photos, but, it is definitely worth it. Otherwise, I wouldn't use it.

I used to print photos and paste them up in albums. That was long before the internet and digital cameras.

Today, I have a cabinet full of photo albums and I'm sure one day, after I've left the planet, my kids and grandchildren may enjoy going through them. Now I take so many photos and there is little time for all the printing and cutting and pasting that would be required to keep up. After all, I have a full time job and like to take pictures. So, I use Flickr.

Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles ~ November 2013
Today I sent a link to one of my "sets" to a friend, and that was when I realized how great it is to be able to share a single photo or an entire set of photos with folks I care about. You can't do THAT with a photo album unless they come over to my house!
Mount Dora, Florida ~ September 2010

I like to shoot outdoors the best. Mainly because of the natural light. And, I'm here to tell you, we have some of the best lighting conditions available here in sunny South Florida.

Well, except when it rains, of course.

I like to shoot pictures of people, too, but there are  lot of people who don't like having their picture taken. I try to respect people's privacy, but humans are definitely my favorite animals.

And, then there's my dolls. I love taking pictures of my dolls and I love looking at other people's pictures of their dolls. It really is an addiction. Fortunately, I am not alone. There are many other doll lovers out there who enjoy taking pictures of dolls. We're a fun group, actually.

My first Poppy Parker Doll, "Coney Island"

So, here's a sampling of my pictures. The link, above, will take you to my Flickr "sets" page if you're interested. The photos are linked to my Flickr.

Some of them are pretty good for an amature shutterbug, even if I do say so myself.

I hope you'll enjoy seeing them! Cheers!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's here! A new year!

My "to do list" for this year includes ...

taking individual photos of all my dolls, one doll at a time, as an inventory

organizing five years worth of photos a little better, so I can find what I want a little quicker

planning for the future of Art Gallery 21 at the Woman's Club of Wilton Manors

writing a memoir for the AARP contest (due February 15)

deciding when my darling husband and I are going on vacation to Germany

using my sewing machine more often

smiling at strangers every chance I get!

How about YOU?