Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Art of Pinterest ...

When I first wrote about my growing obsession with Pinterest, I thought that the act of writing would change the dynamic. And, it did. But, it took a while for the changes to take.

Since I discovered it in late January, I've curated my Pinterest boards as though they were bookshelves in my office, visible for everyone to see. And, of course, I think that people will look at a board where you have collected this amazing set of images and think, "Wow! I like what this person sees!"

Of course, that's NOT how it happens. I know that, silly!

I don't think I'm "addicted" anymore, though. Oh, I still go there. But, not every day.

Now that I've established my presence there, I don't feel the need to create my presence. It's done. And, that may very well be the driving force for me over on Pinterest: the need to create something.

Along the way, I've come to recognize why I like Pinterest so much. I went through this same process with Flickr, Facebook and tumblr ... I was obsessed to learn how it works, what I can do with it and where it goes for me as a creative spirit. Once I figured that out, the obsession seemed to dissipate.  

Today, I use Pinterest to collect things all in one place where I can go back and enjoy them again ... and where I can add to them over time.  Much like my Barbie room at home!  It has evolved into a real creative outlet for me as well. Not only do I collect images, but also links to such things as galleries, crochet patterns, how-to's for arts and crafts projects, and recipes for salads. THAT is pretty cool, if you ask me!

So, here's a little sample of the collection I'm currently "curating" under my newest board "Think Green" ~

I suspect that, like Facebook and Twitter and the myriad of social networking sites available, Pinterest has the potential to be whatever we want it to be, meeting each person's need to bookmark, share and collect all sorts of things. It definitely serves a purpose that the other sites don't. So, thanks to Ben Silbermann and all the folks that run Pinterest. I'm glad you did this! I'm having a good time with it!   HAPPY SPRING!

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