Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Picture = 1,000 Words

Now, looking at this just makes you smile, doesn't it?
And, this one? Makes you smile. Right?
What would YOU think if you found a baby deer on your bed?
There's nothing cuter than baby ducks. And, when you're working so hard
to get your ducks in a row, an image like this can be a visual inspiration.

I have been social networking the past month or so, and not much blogging. Work's sort of had me in a vise grip, too, what with Earth Day and me being an environmental educator.

So, while I'm still musing on what to write about here, I'll leave you with some pleasant images to evoke a smile. I read somewhere that just looking at pictures of kittens can lower your blood pressure. I don't know if it's true, but it's a terrific idea!


Robert Sobczak said...

They are truly enjoyable photos!

Ma Snax Superior Dog Treats™ said...

I'm hoping you're ok with me using the "dogs paddling in canoe" photo on my website. I really love it.

I'm the owner of Ma Snax Dog Treats.

We change our store banner seasonally, and I'd like to use this shot for just a couple of months.

If you give me an email address, I will send you the file we will use, or you can view it on our site [click on Shop For Snax].

cheers/woof, Mary Ellen Oertel

Ma Snax Superior Dog Treats™ said...
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Constance said...

Ma Snax ... help yourself!