Monday, November 12, 2012

Is it a blog? Or, is it an on line journal?

This is my 101st Post on this blog. I think that is amazing. I don't know who reads it, because there aren't comments very often. I see the numbers in the stats. So, I think it may just be my own on line journal. Which really isn't a bad thing. Is it?

I use Facebook and Pinterest, but this ... my  little blog here ... this is different from those other "social media" outlets. It's by personal virtual space.

I'm off today in observance of Veteran's Day. Thank YOU to every soldier who made this life possible ... this life of freedom and this pursuit of happiness. My dad was a veteran, serving during World War II, so it's a part of my personal history. Thank you, every one.

I don't often get a whole day at home alone, so today was nice. Just me and the dog and the cat.

Caught up on the new ABC soap, "Nashvlle."

Crocheted a babushka scarf for Hallie.

So, here I am, the windows open, the dog snoring, a beautiful breeze blowing and I'm writing my 101st blog post!

How about that?!

I'm going to the doll room now. Going to mess around with the new photo box my darling husband made for me. I'll post about that soon!

It's a beautiful day in sunny South Florida and I'm happy to be here!

I hope you are, too!

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