Thursday, December 6, 2012

What's a good "Man Gift?"

Holy Cow!

Last Friday it was still November, and I was refusing to give into Christmas! I liked my autumn/Thanksgiving decorations just fine!

But, here it is now ... December ... and, the holiday season is staring me in the face. On Tuesday I delivered "little girl" gifts to Hope Outreach for a special family for Christmas. That's all the shopping and wrapping I've done for Christmas! So far. (And, it really is a joy to shop for little girl things!)

Lord! Lord! I don't know what to get my husband!!

New shirts, of course. Always a few new shirts. But, I'd love to get him something he wants and would use. He has every tool a man could possibly have. He said "NO" to an iPad. He uses his hand-held device for pretty much everything. And, he doesn't wear jewelry. I bought him a wallet for Christmas three years ago and it's still in the gift box in his closet. That was a successful gift, right?!

What, oh, what can I give this darling man that would give him a bit of joy?

Shall we surf the net for gift ideas?

Watches make for nice gifts. He might go for something like this little wood number ...

I just like this photo. The watch is cool, too.

My darling husband is from Germany and he loves his beer.
THIS is a very clever way to "gift" a six-pack!

These tortoise Wayfarer Ray-Bans have potential.
He might actually "LIKE" AND use these!

Watches? Beer? Sunglasses? Is this all the internet has to offer for "man gifts?"
The search continues ...

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