Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's the first Friday of the New Year and as much as I'd like to "be organized," I am still stumbling around trying to get myself in order. So, what does it mean, exactly, to "be organized?"  Does it mean my closet is organized by colors like the Goodwill Store? Or, that my desk is neat and tidy? If so, I am in big trouble! But, rather than whine about all that I didn't get done in 2012, I'm going to look for inspiration for 2013. If all those lovely folks on the blogs and Pinterest can do it, surely we (me and you) can, too!

Here's a clever idea.

I always forget what I've stashed, so labels would be very helpful.
I just plain like this.

The photos on the wall are wonderful.

And, I'm sure all those boxes are labeled.

Now, THAT'S organization!
I would love to have a closet like this.

Wouldn't you?

Let's be inspired!
This closet is a sight to behold

isn't it?

I'm off to work on being more organized! Happy New Year!

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