Friday, January 25, 2013

January's joys ...

I do not know where the time goes. January is nearly done, for cryin' out loud! I thought for sure it would be a quiet month. Boy! Was I wrong! Among the things I've been doing in this grand New Year, I am ...

enjoying Florida's winter weather of cool nights and warm (but, not hot) days.
planning the artists' schedule for Art Gallery 21.
thrilled that my brother finally got a real job after 3 years of unemployment.
praying for my friend Jane who is wrestling with health issues.
celebrating my friend's 3-year anniversary as a heart transplant recipient.
resisting added calories to maintain my weight.
playing with my new doll photo box.
preparing for my "retirement age" birthday, even though I'm not retiring. Yet.
staying fit with Jazzercise and Personal Touch.
making time for needlework.
carrying my camera everywhere I go and taking pictures.
writing a list of project ideas for me and the darling husband to do.
changing my style with new prints, new colors and vintage accessories.
eating fresh cherry tomatoes that grow wild behind my office.
loving my brother's cat who is staying with us for a while.
sleeping well and sympathizing with those who don't.

My friend sent this picture of a blue egg one of her chickens laid on
the third anniversary of her heart transplant. She is convinced it's the
chicken's way of celebrating her achievement and I agree!

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