Friday, February 1, 2013

Time keeps on slipping into the future ...

Holy cow! It's February! I know you get tired of hearing it, but, gosh, it's the truth ... time keeps on slipping away ... into the future ... (isn't that a song I heard somewhere???)

So, my January has been filled with lots of little projects. Art Gallery 21 opened on the 17th, we've got two artist workshops coming up on February 1st and 8th and the planning for art shows and special events never stops, like the days on the calendar. I did some freelance design work for a friend to replenish my doll budget, planted a little winter garden, and cleaned out my closet, so I've been busy! Maybe that's why the days flew by so quickly!

2011 "Barbie and Friends Take Over Old Davie School"
I've just this week started planning for  "Tea with Barbie," in July. Now, "Tea with Barbie" started as a special event that complemented a fashion doll exhibit a friend and I installed in the Old Davie School ca. 1918. The 2011 National Barbie Doll Collector's Convention was held in Fort Lauderdale (where I live), but I couldn't go. My husband's daughter was getting married on a hilltop outside of Seattle that same weekend, so I had to find another way to get my "Barbie Fix!" Coincidentally, I was asked about creating a museum exhibit of dolls, so I paid tribute to Barbie with an exhibit of 606 fashion dolls, mostly Barbies. It took two days to do the installation, but when it was done, OH, MY! Was it a delight!!

My dilemma this year is which Barbie should be this year's "face" for marketing and PR? The first year it was a "Barbie Basics" doll from the first collection ... she was the one that lured the local TV stations to come check out the exhibit, which set a record for attendance AND the tea party, which was a sold out event!

2012 "Tea With Barbie at Old Davie School"
The executive director at Old Davie School was so enthusiastic about the outcome from the first year that she said she wanted to do JUST the tea party. So, "Tea with Barbie" became an annual event. Last year I decided I wanted to tap into the western theme that is prevalent in Davie, so I rooted around in my doll room and found a  wonderful one-of-a-kind dress that was made by one of my doll club members and it seemed perfect on my favorite play line doll with the Mackie face, which I love-love-love! Once again, that photo caught the attention of the media and this time, the TV stations and the local newspapers were on hand for our tea party! It was so much fun and, if you're interested, you can see photos from last year's event on our Facebook page, "Barbie & Friends Take Over Old Davie School."

This year? I just don't know ... should I go with a brunette? Vintage? Silkstone? Which lovely Barbie will represent "Tea with Barbie" this year? I'm thinking I may hold photo auditions and see if our fans want to vote on one. Ahhhh ... those creative wheels are turning!

Enjoy your weekend! And, Happy February!

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Tricia said...

Tea with Barbie sounds like a perfect event for my little girl. She'd have a hard time deciding who to bring too :)