Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Around here ...

September. It's still hot here in south Florida, but the light is changing. That's how I know that those "crisp autumn days" are approaching. Nope. No colored leaves here. And, no, the temperature changes are infinitesimal ... maybe one degree cooler than August, so we're talking 89 or 90 instead of 91 or 92. Still, the light is changing, so I know fall is in the air.

I like the beginning of the school year. It gives me an excuse to deliver pencil bouquets to the teachers in my 12 elementary schools along with a newsletter reminding them about our environmental programs. The kids are all decked out in their new uniforms with freshly cut hair and polished shoes! It's a time of great hope that THIS year will be the best one ever!

Art Gallery 21 will open its 2014-2015 season next week, so I've been busy preparing for the first show with artist Nia Nakis. She uses acrylics on canvas to create vibrant images of Florida and the Mediterranean area where she was born. It's her first one-woman show and I'm very excited for her!

I'm anxiously counting the days until I leave for Orlando and my second Integrity Toys Convention! Last year I traveled alone to Los Angeles and had a fantastic time, but, this year, I have several doll friends who will be in Orlando with me, so that will make it even more special I'm sure! I've applied to be a table host, but they're not notifying people until later this month, so I'm eagerly waiting on that, too! I wish there was somewhere on the internet where you could post a sign that says, "PICK ME! PICK ME!"

People who aren't doll collectors don't understand why we love doll conventions. In addition to the IT Convention, there's the National Barbie Doll Collector's Convention and the United Federation of Doll Collectors Convention, and there are conventions in Japan and Paris that, if I had the resources, I would gladly attend.  I'm certain it's because we doll collectors form our own tribe and there is no need for explanations about what many perceive as an eccentric hobby. When you meet another doll person, there are so many things that are simply understood via osmosis. It's truly the most wonderful experience one can have and I highly recommend it!

We had another Super Moon this month, and that was awesome to see! It's like something out of a movie right outside your front door!

As you'll see, the days between now and the New Year will fly by fast! Halloween's just around the corner, then, Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to go by at warp speed. Hang onto your hat and have a good time! Wishing you all a glorious September!

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