Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hubby has a new hobby!

 My darling husband loves woodworking. He built our kitchen cabinets, the island in the office with cubbies for paper and books and such, and a shed for our generator, just in case we're hit by a hurricane and have no power. Recently, he found something new to do with wood and it's been a delight to watch the artist in him unfold, like a butterfly from a chrysalis. It began with blocks of wood and YouTube videos.

He bought some serious looking tools. I never saw tools like these and I had no idea what he could do with them!
This is the first wine stopper dh made. The wood block in the pic is how it looked like before he turned it! Very impressive if you ask me! Now, when I get home from work, he's usually in his shop, turning wood. And, the weekends? Right after he drinks his morning cup of joe, he disappears to his shop. I finally went out there with my camera to find out what the attraction was. And, he was happy to show me! :)

There is something hypnotic about the wood turning on the lathe and watching the shavings peel away as he guides the tool. I think I understand why he's addicted to it. It's like crocheting ... there's a rhythm to it and it pulls you in and you just want to keep doing it.

He made  a candlestick which I like very much. It sits by the front door now, ready to hold a Christmas candle! And, I've put in a request for a pepper mill. He's been watching the YouTube videos about turning bowls, and I'm excited that he would attempt something so ambitious. Please stay tuned for more projects!

When my darling husband is in his shop turning wood, Miss Minka Kitty keeps me company. She oversees life around the house from her perch by the fireplace. Unless I go into the Barbie room. Then she wants to hang out with the dolls!

What a life, huh?

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