Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gas Guzzlers

I took this picture from behind the wheel of my car while waiting at a traffic light. You can't see the light because the truck blocks my view. It's interesting that this oversized Chevy truck has a Hummer logo on it along with a tiny little bumper sticker above the license plat that reads, "Hi, I don't care, thanks." What do I know about the owner/driver of this bully? I know he's a bully from Indiana and I'll be real happy when he goes back to Indiana. We get so many of these jerks here in Florida and we're supposed to smile and be nice because they're "tourists."

Hmph! Tourist, smourists! He's just too big for his britches if you ask me. I drive a little Saturn that gets 26 miles per gallon and I get pushed out of the way by these bullies on a daily basis while driving to and from work. I try to be gracious and just get out of their way, but sometimes they irk me and I want to slap 'em!

One more month (give or take) and the tourists and snow birds will head back north.

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