Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Google "BLOG" = 701,000,000 entries

Nobody's read my blog yet.
At least, I don't think they have, because there's been no comments.
Otherwise, I've not a single, solitary clue how to tell if anyone has been here.
Then again, I didn't start this blog for anyone else. I started it for me.
I needed someplace where I could write about whatever I feel like writing about.
So, there!

One day, maybe, I'll send a link around to some of my friends.
But, maybe I'll find a way to insert a counter first.
That would be helpful, wouldn't it?
Yes. It would.
I paged through some of the "blog" entries listed on Google and, oh, my! there are blogs of every kind out there! Politics, economics, government, artists, writers, blogs about blogging and, of course, the "celebrity" blogs. Gimme a break! If you're a celebrity, aren't you already getting enough attention? What do you need a blog for? Jeez, Louise!
Well, there's my entry for today. I'm still trying to figure out how to be more creative with the photos ... onward!


GAH1965 said...

Send a link to your friends - you're write a nice blog and make interesting and insightful observations.

Alyce Eccentrick said...

I just took a look at your blog. Nice pictures, nice stories.
Make sure to put a link on the bottom of your emails in your "signature lines."
If you'd like to look at my blog, take a look at