Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's doing?

waking up is more challenging as the days grow shorter.

discovering that Halloween costumes have arrived in stores.

waiting for season three of Homeland.

making it to Jazzercise twice a week after a back injury.

calling my granddaughter more often to check up on her.

trying to figure out whether to use ghosts or skeletons for decorations this year.

restoring  beauty to some of my older dolls with a bath and shampoo.

writing on my blog more frequently.

wearing closed toe shoes to work even though it's still near 90 outside.

planning some improvements to the front yard landscape.

dreaming about attending the Integrity Toy convention in Los Angeles at the end of October.

drinking red wine with dinner.

re-reading Catching Fire before the movie arrives in November.

finding that balance is easier some days than others.

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