Tuesday, June 10, 2014

around here ...

"Fakahatchee Strand" by Peter J. Nolan

watching the skies ... as the storms build in the west on most afternoons only to rain down on our heads when it's time to drive home from work

finishing the 'house' for the generator, which we'll need if a storm knocks out power

re-reading "Nature Girl" by Carl Hiaasen

"Beatnik Blues" Poppy Parker, dressed in white

taking pictures of my girls as I attempt to master aperture and shutter speed (still)

planting blue flowers around the gumbo limbo tree in front of the house

worrying about my baby girl as she struggles with administrative issues on her way to an MBA

listening to Joni Mitchell with my darling husband

"Turnpike Southbound" by Mary Watkinson

preparing for an art social on Friday evening for GIRL PLAY with 6 female artists, each of whom marches to her own drummer

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